Dragnet Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Available at Gravitygist | Free Download!

DRAGNET Aptitude Test are computer based tests (CBT) and the questions comprise of Numerical,Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning Questions.
Dragnet Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Available at Gravitygist | Free Download!

Dragnet is a recruitment body and they conduct pre-employment aptitude tests for several companies. As a graduate job seeker, you would likely have to face a dragnet test during your job search. It is a good idea to start practicing early for this test.
In this section you will practice Dragnet Verbal Reasoning Past Questions and Answers with Explanations enabling you to see where you went wrong on a question. 
By practicing over and over again with these tests, you will know what to expect; improve your speed and confidence; and be really prepared for the actual test
Dragnet conducts test for companies like;

  • Flour Mills, 
  • GlaxoSMithKline, 
  • Nestle Nigeria, 
  • Keystone Bank, 
  • Skye Bank, 
  • PZ Cussons etc. 

Dragnet questions are usually reshuffled from a pool of questions hence as you expose yourself to as many of their past questions as possible, you understand the dragnet aptitude test format and also increase your chances of seeing the same questions in your exam.

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Numerical Reasoning

This measures the ability to deal with numerical information in a variety of formats. Candidates are presented with a short scenario followed by four questions which get progressively more difficult. Candidates are required to select the correct answer from five options. When assessing aptitude, the numerical reasoning test provides an indication of how a person will perform when working with numbers, tables, bar charts, records, inventories, analysis reports and other forms of data. This form of reasoning is commonly required to support judgment and decision making in many different types of professional, executive and managerial positions.

Dragnet offers clients a variety of tests that can be deployed in assessing a candidate’s cognitive ability. Dragnet Scholarship Tests are tailored to align with the specific scholarship criteria. Our objective is to administer an objective process that ensues only the best candidates qualify for your scheme. These guarantees the success of your scholarship scheme. These tests range from general aptitude tests to function specific assessments that test discipline related knowledge and even current affairs. Dragnet’s tests are deployed as computer based tests, a marked departure from paper and pencil tests. In rendering this service, we take responsibility for the provision of an Examination Engine which handles candidate scheduling, candidate notification, test administration including authoring of questions, marking and release of results and finger-print and photo capture of the candidates.

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Follow the steps below to download Dragnet Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers!
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(a) Download DRAGNET Abstract ReasoningTest1-Solution” by clicking on this link….. HERE

     PASSWORD to open the PDF file=> adeniyi08030715027

(b) Download “DRAGNET Abstract ReasoningTest3-Solution” by clicking on this link….. HERE
PASSWORD to open the PDF file=> adeniyi08030715027

PASSWORD to open the PDF file=> ))))))))))))))))))))

(d) Download “DRAGNET VERBAL APTITUDE by clicking on this link…..HERE 

PASSWORD to open the PDF file=> JESUS,mySAVIOUR

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